Adventure Gamers is kind enough to point out that Autumn Moon's PC adventure game 'A Vampyre Story' has got a reprieve, thanks to "a publisher agreement to bring the comic adventure to PC."

Autumn Moon itself is founded by two LucasArts veterans, Bill Tiller and Dave Harris, and so is (much like TellTale Games) somewhat of a revelatory symbol for those who wants to see the PC graphic adventure continue in the commercial world - the game's gallery is certainly rather wonderful.

Though the title has been on hiatus for a good while now, the story notes: "Although AME is keeping the identity of the publisher quiet for now, CEO Bill Tiller has confirmed that the new publisher has worldwide rights to the game, and the funding allows the team to begin full-time production. The small California-based developer plans to increase staff in the coming months to accommodate the increased workload." Late 2007 release, possibly? That'll do nicely.