zomb.jpg Over at Namako Team, blogger Jiji has put up a review of D3 Publisher's 'The Zombie Vs. Ambulance', one of the most infamous of the Japanese budget publisher's sensationalistic titles - and notes in his intro: "The most interesting Simple 2000 titles all start with a great concept... The Zombie vs. Ambulance... has that in spades, but is a concept enough to carry a game?"

Well, we find out more: "At its core, the game takes most from Crazy Taxi and Carmageddon... This is one of the nicer-looking Simple 2000 games out there, approaching - or matching - the look of a well-crafted Dreamcast game."

But overall, it's noted: "Unfortunately, technical problems and poorly-measured pacing drag the game down.... In the end, the game is stretched so thin by this pacing that it becomes drudgework after most of the parts have been unlocked, which happened after about five hours in my experience."

[As a side note, we failed to spot that Jiji has opened an excellent linklog, which includes plenty of Jap-centric and quirky news, including stuff like news on a new Japanese stripping-based arcade fighter, we kid you not.]