yfitn.jpg Exergaming title Yourself! Fitness has always been one of the neater products released for console, in terms of having a different target market than your average shooter, and we just noticed a 'Personal Journals' forum section on the official site, in which you can read how people are losing weight and having fun with the game.

We happened upon Maya's Antipodean Adventure, for example, in which 'Kusanagi', an Australian woman in her '30s, discusses getting the game ("I was sad to learn that it wasn't available in Australia, but I've been known to import US & Japanese versions of DDR and I have a chipped PS2 so that wasn't going to be a problem").

Most interestingly, the care which the game has taken with social graces is particularly mentioned: "First off, I was very impressed with the tactfulness that she used when telling me that she recommended that I work towards a long term goal of weight loss, as I wasn't in the ideal weight zone for my height... The consideration was lovely, but it's OK. She wasn't telling me something I didn't already know, and I agreed wholeheartedly with her. It is nice to be asked and nice to be given the option of veto - just as you would with a personal trainer because after all (as Maya says), "it's all about you, baby!""

[A recent interview with developer Respondesign by sister site Gamasutra has plenty of other interesting feedback on the game, including this observation from CEO Jason Leighton on 'virtual trainer' Maya: 'The thing we get the most is that Maya looks Latino, but she looks Caucasian, sort of Asian. We want people to really define her the way they see her.']