hotg.jpg The jokers at QT3 have pointed out that there's now a PC demo available for the enchantingly named HotDogs HotGirls, "a 3D management strategy game by [Australian developer Fuzzyeyes] and German publisher Trendverlag that came out last April." [EDIT: Thanks to a commenter, corrected 3D Gamers' mistake - despite the very Germanic tone and German publisher, Australians created the game itself!]

The official game site has more info, explaining: "The primary objective of this game is to manage and dominate the fast food industry city by city until the players' chain of stores dominates the country." We imagine this being said in a stern German accent, with 'fist pounding on desk' emphasis on the word 'dominate', or course.

But here's the twist in this obviously Tycoon-styled game: "Using beautiful franchise girls as the primary selling point for the stores, players are in for a real treat as they manage their stores through hectic cities and situations, conquering competitor stores through superior tactics and staff management..." Yes, staff management! We see! More Schadenfreude-esque games like this, please!