Poking around some ill-reached corner of the Internet, we spotted, via RoushiMSX's LiveJournal, that new (&free!) graphic/text adventure Trilby's Notes has debuted, from the same folks at Fully Ramblomatic who've made a bunch of the top freeware adventure games of the past couple of years - and that's right, you read it correctly, 'graphics/text adventure'!

RoushiMSX's full post on the game explains: "Trilby's Notes is out! The game is a direct sequel to 5 Days a Stranger and an interquel between 5DaS and 7 Days a Skeptic, so make sure you brush up before you play it :) The parser interface is a nice throwback to the classic adventure games from Sierra and the writing is flat out fantastic. Thus far the graphics have been among the best Yahtzee has done yet, with some really nice looking backgrounds and pretty good animation."

The creator, the great Yahtzee himself, explains re: the text bit: "Don't hit me. I made it use a text parser for several reasons: (A) because the game is presented as Trilby's written account of the event, so typing commands feels like you're typing up the document or something, (B) as an homage to the AGI and SCI0 Sierra games of yesteryear, and (C) because I've never done a text parser game with AGS before. I had my testers try out the parser exhaustively so hopefully it's somewhat intuitive."