wizkids.jpg Sometimes we remember to cover non-video game stuff, when it's interesting - and in this case, OgreCave has commented on unfortunate layoffs at WizKids, the card/CCG game firm.

The OgreCavers note: "According to the press release, this "brought about a tough decision to have a reduction in force." No details are released yet about who will be leaving the company, or what specifically brought on the reorganization. The company stated that "These steps are necessary for the long term health of WizKids, and will allow us to focus on our core Brands of Battlestar Galactica, HeroClix, HorrorClix, MechWarrior and Pirates.""

WizKids was founded by Jordan Weisman, of course, who also founded FASA and 4orty 2wo Entertainment, and whom we mentioned recently, and one commenter even claims that "Accounts are that Jordan has indeed left the company as part of this reorg/"reduction in force"", but there's no official confirmation of this - WizKids is owned by Topps, the trading card company, nowadays, for those keeping count.

[Talking of which, there was a totally great article in The New Yorker the other week about how Topps are trying to revitalize Bazooka Joe, the chewing gum great: "Joe, who began life fifty-three years ago as a crewcut boy with an eye patch, sprouted a few inches. His blond hair grew out and became fashionably tousled. He kept the eye patch but started wearing his cap backward... To keep him company, Topps artists developed five new sidekicks, including an excitable German named Wolfgang Spreckels."]