dslitem.jpg So, as Joystiq points out, all kinds of game journalists got their DS Lite consoles from Nintendo today, complete with a 'booby-trapped' box that plays a cute little audio fanfare when opened - see the attached movie on the page. [And thanks for the cute pic caption!]

Well, over at the tragic world that is Chris Kohler's Game|Life at Wired News, he also got a package from Nintendo, but, well - just play the movie and see what happened with his. Poor guy.

[We'd like to take this opportunity to note that the extended pause for the fanfare to stop, followed by 'God-DAMMIT', is one of the funniest things we've heard this week. Though we do know teh Kohler, and he's not generally very sweary, so maybe that's why we're amused. Also, Nintendo and swearing - just say no!]