dotf.gif We'd seen a couple of mentions of Japanese dojin PC title Dot Fighters, but a post over at the revitalized TIGSource points out a couple of very neat things - firstly, there's a preview video [WMV] link for the freeware title available.

And secondly, we didn't realize that Dot Fighters is by the same person who created ArmJoe, an awesome PC dojin fighter which is, as IC reminds us, "an offbeat and flashy 2D fighting game set in the universe of the japanese version of the popular musical based on Victor Hugo's masterpiece Les Misérables."

So, from Cosette to Pixeldots, then? Looks like it. There's a work in progress page on the official site, unfortunately only in Japanese, where you can see more in-production shots and wait eagerly for a playable version, which we dearly hope will be along soon.