metaf.jpg New blog on the blog alert! Awooga! Awooga!, This time, Matt Gallant, who admits to "a short stint as the editor of Kotaku when it first launched", as well as work for Computer Games Magazine, Computer Gaming World, GameSpot, GameSpy, and others, has launched Metafuture, "a videogaming and gaming-associated subcultures blog".

Matt notes: "If you find that other gaming blogs post too much rehashed, inconsequential, or even just plain boring information in the rush to meet their posting quotas, then Metafuture is the place for you." Dammit, does that mean we have to stop running our daily German PC game strategy game patch round-up in order to compete?

All 'joking' aside, though, the blog is off to a good start, with, say a tire render comparison post calling Motor Storm's tires "a solid brown cheese wheel covered with random bumpmapping", and a spectacularly random Halo 3 documentary harangue, including an indication that the game's teaser trailer "....may just provide you valuable hints about finishing your fights apart from my own personal hint, “stop trading all that fish you catch and the diamonds you dig up for AK-47s and machetes.”" Someone's been listening to too much Kanye West!