warhammer.jpg The rather interesting looking Warhammer Online, by Mythic Entertainment, is slated for release in 2007 - after a whole separate Climax-developed MMO ground to a halt earlier this decade. Meanwhile, Mythic's website plays host to a cornucopia of video blogs by Design Manager Paul Barnett, which feature behind-the-scenes looks at Paul's time at E3, as well as his time spent at Mythic headquarters.

Along with an irreverent look at the team's office conditions, including the current state of their action figures, who is plotting the demise of whom, and why employees are allowed to walk around in space helmets, the blogs offer sneak-peeks at some of WAR's concept art, in-game mechanics, and character design. Some previously unreleased information can be gleaned about the upcoming game, and it's presented by a charming, sleepy Brit, which is how I would prefer to obtain all my news.