gsg.jpg So, we're continuing to have lots of fun with our weekly GSW columnists, the latest of which is, of course, Jiji's new 'Compilation Catalog' bi-weekly column, an "analysis of retro remakes and compilations old and new". And, actually, this is a good point to say thank you to _all_ our columnists for the amazing job they're doing in posting regular, kickass material about video games.

As we expand further, we're looking for a couple of new helpers, so I'm going to explain what we're looking for, and let's see if anyone can help out. Please contact us at [email protected] if you think you're interested in either of these mini-jobs.

- We think Second Life is, honestly, really interesting as a 'virtual world' where a whole lot of weird/odd things happen. So we'd like a SL correspondent to write for GameSetWatch, for weekly (or more often, if you're having fun!) explorations of what's happening in the world, from the bizarre through the sleazy to the plain lame. We were thinking that it might be cool to have a relative newbie document starting from scratch in SL, though - a lot of the Second Life reportage right now is from veterans, but explaining things in a more basic fashion (with screenshots) might be a good way to get a fresh perspective. [Payment for this will be in the form of trade-based things like Game Developer magazine subscriptions and suchlike, at least until GSW gets a bigger readerbase. Send a couple of examples of your work.]

- We'd like to do something unconventional with physical object publishing related to games. Trying to be a little vague here, but if you're a talented graphics designer and you've designed CD covers and cases before, and you're also familiar with mastering and printing a _small_ amount of CD-ROMs (through an external manufacturer), and love indie games, then we have this idea we'd like to act on. Ideally, you should also be able to handle physical fulfillment for a small amount of CDs (ie have time during the day to mail stuff off.) Oh, and you get part creative control of the project (yes, you can be Peter Saville!). [Payment - you get part of any revenue made on the project (likely to be relatively small, but should pay for expenses, etc). Send some examples of your graphic design and a quick description of what CD printing you've done before, if any - I'm thinking this would suit someone who's done low-printing indie music label work before.]

So, there you go. As you may know, GSW is really a labor of love for us, so if anyone wants to hop on board, now's the time to speak up!