On the cavernous morass that is NeoGAF, one of the commenters has revealed a new website that he's been working on - the intriguing, which attempts to compile worldwide game sales data into one place, and is doing a pretty neat job (for North America and Japan, at least).

Now, Japanese charts have always been publically disclosed by Media Create, as far as we know, so being able to easily list the top 10 for 15th October 1995 in Japan (Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You is number one, FWIW!) is insanely awesome.

However, it's slightly unclear where the U.S. monthly charts (such as this one for January 2005) are coming from. If it's a fresh-compiled source, then there should be no problems, but if it's in any way related to the annoyingly proprietary NPD Group data, then it's not clear how long the site will be up. Which is most irksome, cos having good, trackable sales data for the game biz in a public place would be a giant boon for all. Go go VGCharts!