unitops.jpg Over at the Gameology blog, which we hadn't entirely spotted before, there's a review of Ian Bogost's new book, named 'Unit Operations: An Approach to Videogame Criticism'.

One note of caution is sounded to start with: "Bogost does spend a good deal of his time summarizing the material to which his approach is responding, but a reader not familiar with some of the dominant conversations in literary theory (in particular) may find portions of the text daunting." We've flicked through the book briefly and concur - it's dense stuff!

But overall, it's suggested by reviewer Zach Whalen: "Whether you're serious about studying, creating, or playing video games, this book not only has something valuable to contribute to your understanding, it has the potential to radically reformulate the intellectual terms on which you relate to video games." If you can understand it, that is, heh.