eccle.jpg Over at PressTheButtons, the excellent MattG has dug up some good info on the PSP's upcoming UMD movie/TV releases, revealing that, even as the UMD releases dry up, the BBC is coming through with a bunch of new titles in the U.S., including the awesome Christopher Eccleston-lead revival of sci-fi classic Dr. Who - as well as The Office and Little Britain, both great shows.

Matt notes: "I don't understand why the BBC is offering these UMD sets. How large is the demographic crossover between PSP owners and fans of BBC programming in the United States? The BBC can't say that the industry (and the market) didn't warn them if these releases gather dust on store shelves at a $27.95/each price point." But we're somewhat excited by the BBC offerings - but would be MUCH more if Dr. Who had been released in a first season box set, like Family Guy was - a Video Business article on the decline of UMD notes that retailer Hastings "...singled out 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Family Guy titles as a particularly hot seller recently."

Well, the TVShowsOnDVD story that fingered these new BBC UMDs in the first place also notes of a new Family Guy instalment in September: "You can expect a 4-disc release consisting of all of the third season episodes (21 of them, including "When You Wish Upon A Weinstein") - and bonus material (including featurettes, commentary tracks, and trailers) - that were on the "Volume 2" DVD release! Price shown is $49.98 SRP in the USA." With the first and second Family Guy seasons only $36 at some retailers for a 5 UMD set, this is the kind of UMD package we _care_ about. Do more!