ngamer.jpg A bunch of UK sites including British Gaming Blog have picked this up and run with it, but Future Publishing's licensing site has revealed a new UK-centric Nintendo magazine, NGamer, billed as "the UK's first unofficial magazine to focus on Nintendo Wii", and replacing/rebranding the existing unofficial mag NGC.

Even though NGC's circulation was, well, pretty tiny ['14,000 (ABC: Jan-Dec 2005)'], apparently Future thinks it can still make money by pricing it at UKP5 ($9.20) with a DVD of game videos packed into every issue. Of course, it's also pointed out: "NGamer compliments perfectly with the Official Nintendo Magazine, published by Future in the UK, France and Italy." This was after ONM in the United Kingdom was wrested away from EMAP, which was a shame, cos it was getting increasingly avant and wacky!

So yep, two Nintendo magazines from the same company in the UK - when the only one in the U.S. now is run by Nintendo! As the British Gaming folks note: "it’s taking a different focus to ONM which has to stick a bit to Nintendo in the UK. NGamer will cover more Japanese stuff, with previews and reviews of import games." But they also comment skeptically: "It does have a DVD with every issue… but it’s gonna need new, good content which you can’t get on YouTube. Which is just about every video on the net." Sometimes it's easier to check stuff out on your TV, though.