enduro.gif Our friend RedWolf at VintageComputing.com has posted a very neat piece of 'the philosophy of Enduro Racer', specifically, the Sega Master System version, of which it's commented: "It’s based on a Sega arcade title of the same name, but the play style is completely different. Instead of the “behind the rider” view of the arcade, you get a 2/3 overhead view of the action."

But what RedWolf_really_ digs is the very odd ending scrolltext when you complete the game, which starts: "“Enduro” is a symbolic journey through life via the media of a race... The results are insignificant and what really counts is competing." And it only gets weirder from there on out!

Anyone got any other bizarre/cool game endings? There's an insane amount documenting on VGMuseum.com, if you want to poke around. We like hurried, dumb endings - because this post is hurried and dumb!