indiev.jpg If you read GamersWithJobs over the past few months, you'd know that there was an excellent article series, 'The Retail Games', written by Elysium on his experiences as an EB Games manager. Well, now there's a follow-up piece named 'If You Can't Join 'Em, Beat 'Em'.

Elysium notes: "Since posting my original three-part series on The Retail Game, I have received voluminous correspondence in formats digital from people who were left with no shortage of comments and questions... Most common among the messages have been inquiries from would-be entrepreneurs who want to play David and Goliath against the established purveyors of video-gaming accoutrements if, in this particular case, David were an asthmatic, if plucky, gamer and Goliath were an angry, noxious planet hurtling at superluminal speeds toward that gamer."

However, he also comments: "So, you want to start a small video-game retail location, and you want some advice. * Don’t do it! – No kidding, if you have the start-up money, the time, the freedom, and the desire to start your own business, pick something better like independent tech-support or prostitution. The number of hurdles in your way when starting any new business, particularly if it’s your first attempt at entrepreneurship is staggering and unpredictable, but when you consider the multiplicity of additional difficulties involved in staring a gaming retail outlet, you’d be better off dumping your money into Amway or Quixtar." Hah, honest advice that's sassy too, we love it.