goat.gif Dreamcast enthusiast Sweater Fish Deluxe has informed me of The Goat Store's plans for 2006/2007, with some 12 'official homebrew' releases lined up.

As they've done in the past, these will include a game disc, manual and packaging (one would only assume), and be priced...rather reasonably. Here's the list (before it's even on the goat store front page, so keep that in mind...), with comments from mr. Sweater.

- Feet Of Fury 2
- Donk! (a Dreamcast port of an Amiga/CD32 platforming game)
- GOAT Games Vol.1 (a collection of mini-games based on classic game concepts with new twists - this should be the next release, out sometime this summer)
- DCastle (a visually impressive, but so far not entirely fun game that I previously thought was gonna be a part of GOAT Games, not a release of its own)
- Age Of The Beast S.E. (the next game from the people that made the original Beats Of Rage, I don't know what the S.E. will involve, but that's the Dreamcast version that's gonna be for sale, otherwise the game will be a normal freeware release)
- Amnesia Adventure Game (a graphical adventure something or other, I think the name is a placeholder)
- unknown adventure game from S+F Software
- R3K (an unreleased Lynx game based on the old game Ram It! - and Tempest 2000 - being re-written for the Dreamcast)
- Quake engine fighting game (apparently a 3D fighter made using the Quake engine; that has proven to be a pretty flexible engine, though I have to wonder...it'll probably be something more like Powerstone or Heavy Metal Geomatrix than a real 3D fighter)
- Samurai Warrior (a Beats Of Rage mod with all original graphics and a heavily customized BOR engine which some people say is really more advanced at this point than Age Of The Beast is gonna be)
- Feuer Frei! (I have no idea...apparently an action game based on a Rammstein song)
- BlockSquare (a Lumines clone previously released as freeware called Block Smash, but now featuring various enhancements and bonuses)

So there you have it. The Goat Store seems to be making a major push, having also recently become the official outlet for Songbird Productions, the wacky Jaguar and Lynx supporters from way back. I love Songbird for their sticktuitiveness, but can anyone really afford a $90 port of Total Carnage, nice game though it may be? [X-post from IC.]