gq6.jpg Seems like everyone's launching something today, and the folks at The Gamer's Quarter (headed by GSW columnist Matt Williamson!) didn't want to be left out - thus, they've "...just finished our sixth issue, featuring mobile games musings, E3 impressions and reflections, interviews with videogame pioneers, and plenty of other stories."

The PDF of Issue 6 is now available for download, but it's noted: "...for the full mobile experience -- print copies can be purchased at our online store! Pre-orders will be shipped in late July (with free bookmarks!)" We've seen the bookmarks, and one of them has a GameSetWatch quotation on it, so we highly recommend them in a reacharound type stylee, haw.

As for what's in it - too much to mention here, including jovial E3 cartoons, features on the N-Gage and 'Pacing In Video Games', among others! But a particular highlight is 'Mechanical Donkeys', a profile of M.U.L.E by John Szczepaniak, talking to all the surviving major players in the creation of the early '80s classic, and, as he notes: "Not only do they cover the making of M.U.L.E., but they also speak about the early days of Electronic Arts, and of the development atmosphere of the early 1980s." This is the best issue so far, and speaks volumes to the evolution of intelligent, non-pretentious game journalism online.