johnbaez.jpgFor those of you who, like us, accidentally became friends with the stupid Behemoth guys (they made Alien Hominid, if you forgot), here's an update on basically everything.

First, famous guy Dan Paladin (artist), has a few things in the hopper. One is a children's book he's pitching to publishers, which I bet is totally not disturbing. Next is an upcoming CD - he makes music too, I guess! You can check out some samples, only to find out that unlike you were expecting, it's pretty good. Tracks 1 and 7 are my favorites. It's all rather chippy and kid-like.

Next, Tom Fulp's has a PSP flash portal now. I can't view it from work, because it's apparently 'tasteless', but regardless, it's a great idea, and one I kept bothering him about at GDC.

Last but not least, John Baez, Behemoth boss, has actually built a vacuform machine in the office in order to package their figurines, in order to cut costs and continue their daily regimen of eating food and living in houses. They've got a little photo gallery and everything. Oh and their new game is re-debuting at the next Comic-Con, which we will probably attend, before throwing fruit at furries and running. In conclusion, hurrah! [X-post from IC!]