doug01.jpg So, we generally don't link to stories on sister site Gamasutra because we presume that you're reading them already (you are, right?), but this one is particularly GSW-ish, so worth checking out - an interview with Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel (also notable for The Neverhood and current Nickelodeon animated series Catscratch) about "what game developers look for in an artist, transitioning between mediums, and why your fans don't necessarily know best."

TenNapel is particularly fascinating on why he thinks game companies don't always hire the right people: "I do think that the gaming industry is too immature to understand what classic artistry even is, because the ones I keep seeing them hire are just the wrong kind of people. Like for instance, if a guy maybe renders with his pencil really well, puts good shading on a creature, but his anatomy is completely wrong…they hire him because he tricked them with his cool detail, even though the foundation of his drawing is weak."

He also discusses what the Earthworm Jim PSP title currently in development (even after controversy) at a Dave Perry-less Shiny Entertainment may be like, commenting: "The team is made up of Shiny employees, the ones that are still around... Dave Perry is no longer with Shiny, and neither is the original Earthworm Jim game, except for some of my own sketches... We kind of wanted one direction and, while I love the team, they're good guys and everything, but no offense to them - it would dishonor the original team to say that these guys are going to throw down an authoritative Earthworm Jim." Well, we hope it turns out nice anyhow, Jim deserves it!