ironsjpg An extreeeemely committed gamer named Dslyecxi has published an incredibly long article on 'Tactical Gaming Done Right', and despite extended to near-book length, generally a sign of Internet crankhood, it's actually very readable stuff.

He starts: "The main objectives of this article are to increase awareness of unique or exceptional elements that have been successfully integrated into past FPS games (with an emphasis on the tactical/realistic side of things), highlight and praise implementations of "standard" features that were done particularly well in others, and give me a platform from which I can provide commentary on the various features and options relevant to the future of the genre that I find myself so very interested in."

And on we go with a hailstorm of minutiae - for example: "When it comes to the quality of weapon ironsights and the accuracy with which they're represented, two games top my list. The first is for fully 3D sights, and the honor goes to Call of Duty 2 for having the best. The other game, or more specifically, certain addon units and mods for it, is Operation Flashpoint, which uses 2D sprites to represent the weapon sights." Lots of videos back up the commentary too - great stuff. [Via Shacknews.]