gteec.gif Over at one of the Chicago Times' weblogs, there's an interesting piece named 'Sunday Lunch With Larry Hodgson', picking the brains of the Incredible Technologies exec and 'Golden Tee Golf' creator.

People often forget how financially successful the title is - arcades aren't very well in the U.S., but a hell of a lot of bars have Golden Tee machines - and the article notes: "Larry spent his days working at his restaurant kitchen job and then coming home to play with his computer -- remember the Commodore 64? -- until all hours... But, Hodgson says, "I think she kind of got it," when, a couple of years after he took that "day job" with Arlington Heights-based Incredible Technologies, then a small-time developer of video game software for other coin-op manufacturers."

It's revealed: "The company is now an industry leader, with more than 100,000 Golden Tee machines in play around the world." In fact, it's so popular that GameSpot is reporting a special 'home arcade' version of Golden Tee being rolled out right now. In some ways, it's the epitome of 'casual gaming' writ large. With beer and hot wings.