akiot.jpg Though this title came out some time ago, Somari @ #ic pointed out that there's the opening movie to Japanese PC hentai title Akihabara Otaku School (very vaguely NSFW) up on YouTube.

We mainly link because the Frontwing-developed title, which came out in 2003, has got a _ridiculously_ catchy theme tune arranged by Blasterhead, who is one of our favorite Japanese chiptune musicians - actually, we released his 'Killbots EP', which is entirely done on Game Boy with Little Sound DJ, on our net.label Monotonik.

But the whole opening CG is actually really slick (geeky 'otaku' converging on the Japanese game shopping district Akihabara in trains to hang out with girls and interact with them, most likely in very NSFW ways, though the NSFW-ness isn't really touched on in the intro!) - so... it's fun, and worth checking. Nice fake shooter at the start of the movie, too.