icoico.jpg Another place worth checking in at from time to time, the chaps at the Speed Demos Archive have come up trumps again with an excellent speed run of Sony's ubercult ICO.

The entire game is completed in 1 hour and 45 minutes (!) by Kevin Juang, with him commenting: "This run is about 12 minutes faster than the previous "world record" Japanese time. I could probably save 1-2 minutes if I wanted to redo this. At first, I didn't think this could even reach 1:55, so it's pretty funny that this run beats that even after including the credits and ending. Especially since being relatively linear, you wouldn't think there would be many ways to save time in ICO."

There's also plenty of scary OCD-style chatter: "One thing that I tested for about 45 minutes to an hour, was the effect of jumping. Despite my first intuition, I am pretty sure that in fact, jumping and running take exactly the same amount of time. If there is a difference, it is too minute to notice after even 30 second stretches. However, there are some reasons to jump for speed." Yes, kids, this man played just this game for 3 months straight - please provide medal of looniness.