sonic.jpg So, you may have seen the news, as reprinted on sister site Gamasutra, that Sega's lovable mascot Sonic The Hedgehog has turned 15, and has incidentally "sold more than 44 million units worldwide" in the process.

But in the initial story, we described Sonic as an 'azure rodent speedster', and Josiah Colborn wrote in to rage: " the recent Gamasutra news story by Jason Dobson about Sonic the Hedgehog's 15th anniversary, Sonic is referred to as a famous "rodent". Rodents are characterized by their large, flat incisors, built for gnawing. Hedgehogs do not have those."

He continues: "In addition, all rodents belong to the Order "Rodentia". Hedgehogs belong to the order "Insectivora", along with shrews and moles (which are also not rodents). This is a forgivable mistake, as even lists them as rodents, with Princeton apparently backing them up." But... our journalistic reputation is ruined!

And then Josiah rages on: "People frequently refer to Diddy Kong as a chimpanzee. For the record, chimpanzees are apes, not monkeys, which do not have tails. Diddy Kong does have a tail, yet the misinformation perpetuates! I know, I'm ridiculous, but don't be surprised when I'm equally infuriated that the Geico mascot is referred to as an "Amphibian", when he is clearly a reptile." You tell 'em!