Haven't linked to Postman's Shoot The Core shmup page for a good while, so is great to see he has a new weblog post about 'Shooter Making For Dummies', presumably endangering himself with possible lawsuits from the 'For Dummies' book guys, haw.

He notes: "Luckily there are a handful of shmup level editors that can make creating levels in shmups easy enough for simpletons like us to tackle it. These SLE's are few and far between, but I feel that creators who took the time to release such tools to the public should be acknowledged", and goes on to discuss tools such as Dezaemon Construction Kit ("These spanned many consoles from Super Nintendo to Sega Saturn, however were never released in the US. Therefore creating a game can be very difficult without understanding what exactly is going on".)

But he reveals: "My favorite of the bunch, and the only one I've spend some actual time with making levels, Galactic Gladiator Level Editor. After reading some simple directions, the GGLE makes it very easy for you to make some killer scenarios for the Gladiator game." Hey, fun DIY shmup action for all!