cornfield.jpg MMO enfant terrible Scott 'Lum The Craaaazy' Jennings has posted a fun entry on Second Life's server demands, for which he cites a CNET News article on the issue by Daniel Terdiman.

It's revealed, somewhat amazingly: "Second Life” currently runs on 2,579 servers that use the dual-core Opteron chip produced by AMD. Each server is responsible for an individual “sim,” or 16 acres of virtual “Second Life” land. At peak usage that means that each server is handling about three users."

Lum notes of this: "Philip Rosedale, Linden’s CEO, responded that their architecture was similar to Google, so no worries. Not mentioned: Google has slightly more concurrent users than Second Life, and probably serves more than, uh, three users per server. A more tenable response is that SL actually sells server space; owning “land” in SL can run a user up to $200 a month, which is in line with many rack-mounted server solutions for other web applications."

But nonetheless, as he says... "When thought of as a game server, it makes my wee head explode into goo." Gooooo!