We've previously discussed San Jose's ZeroOne art/interactive festival a couple of times, and now Alice at the Wonderland blog points out a Second Life-related art exhibit being shown as part of the event.

More specifically, the 'New West' themed exhibit will be shown at the San Jose Museum Of Art (we've been there, it's nice!) from August 7th to 13th. Here's the portentous-ish concept beyond the show: "The theme “New West” is highlights ISEA06’s location in San Jose, and both celebrates and critiques the western United States as a symbol of the pioneering spirit in design and technological innovation. Second Life, a player-created “metaverse,” or open-ended persistent online virtual world, is very much like a “new west,” with equal measures of innovation, resourcefulness, chaos, experimentation, lawlessness, and entrepreneurialism."

Like the New West, huh? So it's a bit like Deadwood, only with more girly goth raver costumes - oh, and the brothels have more furries and adult babies in them? Pshaw. Oh, which reminds us, we grabbed someone to write our Second Life column (the very Scottish-Canadian Mathew Kumar, who you may have seen writing for Eurogamer recently), so watch out for his missives from the 'New West' in the near future. And no, we're not going to stop using that bloody cornfield picture, either.