zomi.jpg Apparently, this may have been featured on other sites a few days back, but heck, we just found it, so there - it's totally cool BioHazard/Resident Evil Lego scenes, by some rabid Japanese fan.

Doing a lovingly crafted re-imagining of the intro, Lego style, our Babelfishing reveals: "It becomes quiet noiseless and collar sound one does not do in the mansion. Why completely there is no sign of the person... So much being large, just someone probably has lived in the luxurious mansion. And will the resident here be somewhere?"

But wait, there's more: "The old typewriter and ink ribbon are put in stairway side.... Suddenly from somewhere the sound of gunfire did. Gill "now? " The crith "even if we probably will go"." Epic stuff! Actually, some of the zombie shots are kinda scary, and make us long for Lego Everything, not just Lego Star Wars. Is that sad? Undoubtedly.[Via xir.]