romero.jpg The newish VH1 Game Break blog has a suitably descriptive entry on a new 'gaming reality show' launched by the folks at IDG's - and it's the first interesting video doc about games we've seen done for online, actually.

As the VH1 folks explain: "In the online reality show called “Creating Kaos,” David goes up against the Goliath “World Of Warcraft” for dominance of the MMORPG space. You’ll meet Damian Grow, a two-day-a-week doorman and “full time CEO,” who only has enough money to buy chips and Chinese food to eat. Legendary game maker John Romero bets Damian can’t do make his game a big seller. Meanwhile, one of the designers lost his family because of his all-consuming compulsion for creating "Kaos.""

The game, incidentally, is Kaos War - Rise Of The Fallen, and we're particularly ticked by the fact that the related GamePro article has video producer Wendy Chan commenting: "People have already started comparing John Romero to [American Idol judge] Simon Cowell." Only with added robot frogs, right?