crab.jpg We only cover the most important, vital, and breaking news here, hence a new PRWeb (doh!) press release on Kinyo's Giant Enemy Crab Song and Ridge Racer Remix songs being featured on Spike TV's Game Head show in the near future.

The former is, of course, based around the demo of Genji 2 that took place at Sony's E3 press conference - infamously 'based on famous battles that actually took place in ancient Japan', but also featuring, uhm, giant crabs. C'mon, you've seen the giant crab fever already on GSW (yes, with some extra Kaz Hirai 'Riiiidge Racer' meme-age, too) - now apparently, we get terrible techno remixes. Oh, and a NewGrounds Flash movie called 'Giant Enemy Crab Battle', naturally.

So, this phenomenon has all the early signs of a horrific meme - we're now waiting for 'Giant Crab: The Musical', featuring such classic dance numbers as 'Attack Its Weak Points!', and tragic ballads such as 'It's Not Easy Being A Giant Enemy Crab In Feudal Japan'. Oh dear.