p-a.jpg Fun alt.gaming site Gamers With Jobs Press Pass has done a news item on Penny Arcade's new ad campaign for the ESRB - to explain briefly, it's "geared towards informing gamers about how the [ESRB ratings] system affects their lives." [We saw the teasers at E3, and thought they were Penny Arcade art, but didn't understand what they were for. Now we know!]

The writer of the GWJPP post, Shawn Andrich, notes: "The ESRB has made a smart move getting them involved in the process and by extension, the hundreds of thousands of PA fans", but it's the commenters who get a little saucy, with LiquidMercury asking: "I dont understand the point of the campaign. What sort of education do I need on the role of the ESRB?"

Original poster Andrich then suggests: "It’s not enough to educate parents when there’s a real danger of the government stepping in and regulating the industry. They need gamers to buy into the system and act as advocates if they want to stay in control to some degree." Ah, but does the ESRB need help doing that?