zax.jpg The inimatable Jeremy Parish has updated his 1UP blog with a Retronauts entry on the Zaxxon series, of all things, but he actually weaves a compelling web around the story of the franchise - from the 1982 arcade original to the 32X 'Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000' (which is actually up on GameTap, we seem to recall!)

Parish raves of the original: "Zaxxon was completely amazing. In 1982, I mean. In an era where Mattel was selling Intellivision's solid-white stick figures as "life-like graphics," Zaxxon was a bold leap into 3D. Of course, Sega would later whip up Super Scaler technology for really impressive 3D, but amidst Pac-Man Fever the isometric perspective of this space shooter was good enough."

But he's limp on the 32X follow-up (and rightly so!), noting: "If you're really jonesing for a Zaxxon clone, Isolated Warrior for NES and Viewpoint for Neo Geo kinda sort have a similar feel. But in the end, there's really just one Zaxxon." Oh, and: "Coda: The fact that Sega and D3 haven't remade Zaxxon for their Sega 3D Ages series is almost criminal... although given the abysmal quality of the 3D Ages series, it's probably the lesser of two crimes."