parappa2.jpg Though it's on the Neologasm DS blog and not actually DS-related, there's an excellent post up there illuminating some of the less-known modes of Parappa The Rapper 2 for PS2.

It's explained: "The game has a freestyling algorithm that scores you on extra presses you insert into the pattern. As long as your presses are in time and complicated enough, you can score extra points." But even more so: "The really awesome part, though, is multiplayer. You don't just play the levels competitively, but you play one line from a level over and over in a virtual rap battle of oneupsmanship, taking turns freestyling more complicated patterns until the game declares a winner."

An interview with Parappa visual creator Rodney Greenblat we did for Gamasutra last year detailed why Parappa was in some ways a bit of a disappointment: "I think there was going to be a way to edit the animated vignettes, to mess-up, play backwards or forwards, or re-order the segments because it's all live, not pre-rendered. He was trying figure it out and ran out of time, and I think he got really frustrated with all that."

But it's still darn neat, and actually an under-rated game, in our opinion (SNIP the CUT!), so the attached movie showing some slightly drunken Parappa 2 multiplayer is good to check out if you haven't seen it before.