pangwii.jpgNeeto import game blog Siliconera has some excellent Wii-related game cameo news for us, and it relates to our old friend Albatross18.

Firstly, what we know: "Super Swing Golf Pangya, coming out for the Nintendo Wii, was originally developed by Ntreev Soft for the PC. Tecmo quickly snapped up the publishing rights and added in Wiimote support so players can use the controller as a golf club."

But now, what we didn't know: "Since this is a Tecmo game you’ve got to expect some of their mascots in the game right? Players will be able to unlock special costumes to dress up their characters like the Dead or Alive icon Kasumi." Though commenter 'the_importer' notes: "believe that TECMO stated that you actually unlock the actual character, not a costume. So we’d actually be playing with an SD version of Kasumi-chan." Even better for the otaku?

[UPDATE: Game Science's Jonnyram posts in the comments to handily clarify: "The interview with the developer says that it is just a Kasumi costume for one of the Pangya characters. I don't believe any of the popular Tecmo characters will make cameo appearances themselves, though I expect a wide array of costumes will be in the final game." So there!]