heist2.jpg Originally spotted via the revitalized Indygamer, which has several mini-reviews of the games featured there-in, the One Room One Weekend Competition #4 [mirror, the original thread got accidentally deleted!] just finished.

There's a ZIP with all 10 entries in it, all created with Adventure Game Studio, the excellent graphic adventure creator - there's a follow-up thread on the forums about the competition, which is another example of the grassroots support for indie graphic adventures still showing potency.

The overall winner was The Heist, which Indygamer reviews, explaining: "Featuring animated 3D graphics and several action sequences, your objective is to break into a mansion and steal some valuables before making a quick escape. Items can be bought with the money stolen from unsuspecting park visitors. Multiple solutions exist, and different cutscenes are shown depending on your approach to solving each puzzle." Sounds neat for just a week!