Over at Wired News, they've added a fun article about the rise of online gaming in India, discussing how perhaps China isn't the only place to look for in order to see a video game boom.

Though it also includes a horrific typo in one of the first paragraphs: "Those leading the charge aren't shy to admit that the elephant has a dragon in its sites", the article frames overall game growth in terms of competitive gaming: "Tangible progress will be marked by the first Indian participation in the Electronic Sports World Cup, which kicks off June 30 in Paris. Earlier this month, 162 regional qualifiers from nine Indian cities came to New Delhi -- including 8-year-old Rohan Karir, a TrackMania prodigy -- to compete for 10 tickets to Paris and a shot at some of the $400,000 ESWC prize money."

It goes on to note: "According to a report released last month by the San Francisco consulting firm Pearl Research, which focuses on gaming trends in Asia, the Indian online games market will exceed $200 million in 2010... "India is basically where China was in 2001," says Allison Luong, Pearl's managing director. "That's when China's games market started to develop and an online games culture started to form."" It's still small potatoes, but hey, it's interesting potatoes.