bonkart.jpgThe most excellent (Wyld Stallions rule?) Kyle Orland of VGMWatch fame sends over a note of a new game-related podcast from the NPR, and it sounds pretty neat.

Orland explains: "Thought that the GameSetWatch readers might be interested that National Public Radio is getting behind gaming in a big way with a new podcast, Press Start. It's not the usual NPR style, rather three gamers (myself included) talking informally about gaming culture and issues for 15 minutes every other week. The first episode -- about games as art -- just launched yesterday."

Look out for more updates, no doubt - in the meantime, check out Kyle's report on the sheer amount of Toyotas at E3 - amusing, considering our recent story about the Evo fighting game tournament that's also sponsored by the Toyota kidz. They sure get around, eh?