nopoly.jpg Over at PressTheButtons, there are lots of details on a press release we also got sent on Friday, but didn't have a chance to follow up on (doh!) - yep, Nintendopoly!

As is explained: "That's right; USAopoly has been granted the license from Hasbro and Nintendo to create a Nintendo-centric Monopoly board game. Get ready to "play" as iconic items such as Mario's iconic hat, Donkey Kong's famous barrel, the familiar Koopa Troopa shell, a majestic Hylian shield, Link's heavy metal boots, and the classic original NES controller all recreated as pewter tokens."

Blogger MattG notes: "This sounds like a great idea and will surely sell plenty of units. As someone who doesn't own any incarnation of the Monopoly board game, I know I'd buy this. Well, if I knew enough people interested in playing on a regular basis. While this is all well and good, let me ask the obvious question: where's the video game version?" Where, indeed! Click through for lots of pics of the playing pieces.