rtorr.jpg So, you guys like a little nerdcore hiphop, right? It's that geeky, often game-referencing melange of high pitched (generally white) voices and staccato (generally beepy and/or ironic) beats, and the Rhyme Torrents website has posted the freely distributable 4xCD Nerdcore Hip-Hop compilation album, including a bunch of those game-related tracks.

We actually asked Jason Gortician, who compiled the excellent compilation, to rank his favorite video game-referencing songs, and it went like this: "1. The Posse Track [.MP3 link]. It has several game-related verses, including Ham-STAR's Final Fantasy run-down, and ZeroBitRate's verse dedicated to his FPS skills and how he's going to win at GenCom. Plus it's 16 minutes long with 13 MCs, and I managed to work the VIC-20, Amiga 600 and BeOS into my verse. ; )"

Next up: "2. "The Last Fantasy" [.MP3] by Benjamin Bear. This is about his brother-in-law dissolving his marriage due to his wife's deep involvement with Final Fantasy XI. A true story, more or less, and equal parts 'street' and 'geek'. Clever, that."

Finally: "3. "Lo-Fi AllStars" by MechP. It seems the NES is the game system of choice for many nerdcore hip-hop heads. I suspect this is generational. MechP astounds by making a track that is old school in feel and spirit, by invoking misty-eyed nostalgia over this much-beloved system while at the same time giving the nod to hip-hop's origins."

Also, we love Jason, cos he compiled us links to the game-related material: "To save you the trouble, allowing you to cut right to the chase, here are what I think are most of the game-related tracks: Disc 1: White Warrior, Interlude
Zombie Panic, Legendary Rhymes, The Last Fantasy, RPG, Emulation Station... Disc 2: Kung-Fu Is My Mom, Penny Arcade, Lo-Fi All-Stars... Disc 3: Black Market OC Remix (the last verse, mainly. Boffo), Joystickin'... Disc 4: WoW, Arkanoid, Saving Throw, Nerdcore For Life." We here at GSW say - please to download and spread and tell all.