nasc06.jpg Every now and again, another sports star wins an event and credits a video game for helping them. This particularly happens in the world of motorsports, and at the weekend, NASCAR's Denny Hamlin credited use of video games in helping him win the major Nextel Cup race in Philadelphia.

Here's what the AP says: "Rookie Denny Hamlin never turned a lap at Pocono Raceway before this weekend. Well, not in reality, anyway. So for his first career Nextel Cup win, the 25-year-old owes some credit to the makers of his video game. "They got every tree on the site, everything's mapped out perfect," Hamlin said yesterday after winning the Pocono 500. "Visually, I know where my letoff points are.""

Presumably, he's talking about EA's NASCAR '06: Total Team Control, in which you can: "Radio to teammates for assistance, while managing on-track partnerships, or take the wheel of a teammate's car in the middle of a race to fend off rivals." And also win NASCAR races in real life!