Those lovable chaps at the 'Seconds Out, Round One!' weblog Kotaku have spotted a Mystery Science Theater clip from the PlayStation Underground disc posted on YouTube - here's the direct YouTube link, for those who want to see 'related videos', etc.

Kotakblogger Brian Ashcraft notes: "Host Mike and 'bots Crow and Tom Servo snark on shoddy TV spots and shoddier graphics. My favorite exchange: 'Like Crash Bandicoot and Jet Mato.' 'It's Moto. Jet Mato is your laxative!" Also worth noting that this encoding emanated from the MST3K Digital Archive Project, who apparently rescue all kinds of extra shows nowadays (uhh, Let's Bowl?!)

Anyhow, MST3K is certainly a semi-obsession of ours, so go check out the Satellite News website, go buy some of the Rhino-packaged MST3K box sets (they were surprisingly cheap last time we checked!), and then kick back with this neat little obscurity, which also includes a bunch of 'behind the scene' footage from the show at the end of the clip.