itoi.jpg One of the more cultish figures in the Japanese video game is Mother/Earthbound co-creator Shigesato Itoi, but interestingly, he's not just a game maker - PingMag has a new interview with him that focuses on his advertising, design, and vegetable (!) businesses.

Itoi explains of himself: "I do a lot of things, but I would say my job title is still copywriter. I’ve been involved with advertising copy for a long time, and been a creative director in my later years. More recently, I work as a producer, a planner, or an organizer." Looks like games (we linked to a skeptical review of Mother 3 on GSW a few weeks back) really are a small part of his circle of interest.

In fact, the interview particularly focuses on T-1 World Cup t-shirt series Itoi is curating, explaining: "I just wanted to invent something between art work and mass production, such as the craft goods in Japan... The world feels like it’s heading to become a place where there is only “things to be used and then thrown away,” or “things impossible to get.”... So I thought about normal T-shirts, that are not so special that they go on display at a museum, but that people look after." An admirable concept!