miz.jpg Another Harvey Pekar reference is necessary to introduce Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins' tres droll report on the recent Gamers Nite Groove event in New York, this time centered entirely around Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

As noted on the official GNG site: "From the speed rush of sliding around turns in SEGA RALLY2 to the groove-happy addictiveness of games like REZ and LUMINES, Mizuguchi's work for Sega and now his own Q Entertainment was and is some of the best, most exciting gaming around" - and we really like the concept of the themed monthly nights the GNG crew conspires to put on - gaming culture in action.

Unfortunately, our man in NY wasn't so keen on the eventual results, commenting of the evening: "I love the idea of a regular scheduled gathering for both diehard and casual gamers to come together and get a taste of what else is out there. But that being said, last night’s event was again plagued with numerous problems." Having said that, Hawkins did have one nice thing to say: "The highlight of the entire evening was easily witnessing the Area 4’s “Running Man” [from Rez] totally in your face, 30 feet tall." Dude, nobody beats the Miz.