rr.png The borderline scabrous Noooz has collected the video-related gems from new videocast MightyJustice, showcasing a plethora of wacky Australians shouting at the screen and reviewing games at the same time.

Particularly singled out is the video review of the original PS1 version of Ridge Racer, described thusly: "JubeiSaotome reviews his favorite racing game of all time, it's ridge racer RIIIIIDGE RACER!!" So, yes, there's a little Kaz Hirai sarcasm in here, along with high school humor galore. Please don't put any more games in your pants, though. Please?

There's a plenty of other game reviews up, along with the shocking admission: "I'd like to thank Game Life for being my inspiration!!! One day I can be a famous video game reviewer!!" When GameLife inspires the world's youngsters to go out and wreak video havoc, isn't it time to send in the National Guard?