wolfvcs.jpg Wandering back to the always excellent Atari Age, we note that the recent Midwest Classic game convention has spawned a whole plethora of new retro game carts being sold at the Atari Age store, including unofficial conversions and remakes galore.

One of the neater titles is Conquest Of Mars for the Atari 2600, "an accurate translation to the Atari 2600 of a popular Atari 8-bit computer title. Destroy the Martian rebellion by descending through the six caverns of Mars to activate the main energy reactors and escape to the surface before they blow up!"

But also _very_ cool is Wolfenstein VCS: The Next Mission, based on the classic Nazi-bustin' series in theme, but actually a hack of Atari 2600 game Venture: "Return to the halls of dreaded WOLFENSTEIN. All new enemies, rooms and floorplans await you in this upgraded version of the original Wolfenstein VCS. Badder, Brighter and more Deadly! Do you dare brave the depths of Wolfenstein VCS:The Next Mission?"