earache13.jpg Spotted over at GI.biz' GamesPress feed - felicitous news on the previously obsessed-over Earache Extreme Metal Racing for PlayStation 2 - according to the new information: "Metro 3D Publishing are pleased to announce that they will be attending the fourth annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards, taking place on June 12 at London's Koko venue."

What's more: "As part of the deal, Metro 3D will premiere the Playstation 2 version of Earache Extreme Metal Racing. Music fans, guest and bands will be able to play the game as pods will be placed around the venue." Rock on! No word on whether PR offspring and game designer Sky Nash will be there in person, though apparently, the UKR chaps may turn up for some 'crack investigative reporting', if we're lucky.

And, of course, the official Extreme Metal Racing website, 6-6-06.co.uk, now has a video trailer of the game, as previously referenced, and it still looks like the gothiest, impaliest version of Mario Kart _ever_ - which we heartily approve of. Also, in case you think you've seen the '6/6/06' meme on billboards around your locality, a HeraldNet/LA Times article notes about 8 zillion products using the same date, including the new 'The Omen' movie, and, uhh, Ann Coulter's new book, "Godless." Lovely.