massivem.jpg Dude, it's gigantic! The folks at former dot.bomb and current limpalong (but also home to our favorite-ish U.S. game mag, Computer Games Magazine, who are presumably doing the editorial for this mag/site!), have announced the launch of the Massive Magazine website.

This comes ahead of the print publication's launch in September, and, though the site itself is a little clunky, there's already some fun content up - not sure if it's reprinted from the MMO sections of CGMag or commissioned from scratch. For example, a piece on leaving your in-game character from Mark Crump is lots of fun, and Kelly Wand's feature on 'Let Freedom Grind' is also tres entertaining.

Discussing RuneScape and its ilk, Wand's feature notes: "Free online games produced by maverick programmers on shoestring budgets have peppered the Internet since its earliest days. The surprise is that people are still playing the same ones now they were five years ago, despite the ceaseless deluge of shinier fare. Their modest system requirements and learning curves can be easily downloaded and played at work, but even esthetically, certain titles stick in the pleasure gland longer than you’d expect from a crowd that proudly wears its jadedness on its sleeve." In other words, the grind is a sickness that knows no graphical boundaries, hurray!