tromhero.jpg Over at We Make Money Not Art, they have a really fun post documenting an experimental music artgame named Rehearsal Joypads, and based around Bemani-style music game concepts.

The post explains: "In Rehearsal Joypads, the usual controller interface of video game controllers has been replaced by that of a musical instrument. Intended as a product to help learn a specific skill needed to play a real instrument, they have been designed as motivational aids for beginner musicians facing the problems associated with not practicing enough."

It continues: "Rules of the accompanying video game: play your part correctly (as dictated by the coloured lines scrolling past), and the brass band stays in time and together; play it wrong and they drop their instruments, walking off in disgust. By playing the game repeatedly, the fledgling musician could get the fundamental patterns for scales, arpeggios and so on 'into the fingers' before playing the same thing on their real instrument." Neat, but obviously Guitar Hero-esque, too - looks like Trombone Hero is already up and running, then!